First nationwide platform "Business Portal"

   SUE "TAJINVEST" will launch the first nationwide platform "Business Portal" for entrepreneurs and investors in Tajikistan.
  Economic growth and new trends have always been the engine for the development of new, innovative business solutions. Together with a group of web developers, SUE TAJINVEST is preparing to launch the first national platform for entrepreneurs and investors - the Business Portal of Tajikistan.
  In March of this year, the Government of Tajikistan adopted the “300 Days of Reform to Support Entrepreneurship and Improve Investment Climate” program, which is aimed at improving the regulation of entrepreneurship, increasing the potential of entrepreneurs and supporting producers and exporters, as well as improving public-private dialogue and attracting investment. To accomplish these tasks, it was decided to create an online business portal. The goal of the B2B project is to create a national information portal with the aim of initiating a business, stimulating exports, and promoting investments.
  The site will provide an opportunity to find partners, promote their products and services both in Tajikistan and abroad. Also at the site, the full vision of the entire economic climate will be shown to investors. This business guide will help you familiarize yourself with the investment sector and opportunities in Tajikistan.
 The site will meet all international requirements and trends. A user-friendly interface will facilitate the work of entrepreneurs who can independently register their companies, products and services. The companies will have their own personal page on the portal, which allows them to be on the Internet without creating their own website. This portal will also provide advisory support to the registered companies. This support will be divided into several categories – like legal support, as well as support in the field of taxation and business in general. The platform provides information about all aspects of business, offers educational materials (including multimedia materials) and learning programs. At the same time, the portal is based on cooperation with Tajik partners and international organizations.
  On the basis of the portal, the magazine “Business Tajikistan” is published in electronic and paper forms for distribution to both local and foreign enterprises and organizations.
  In addition, through the portal opens the whole range of sources of information necessary for business, including links to other, specialized sources.
  “We believe that this project will provide new opportunities for entrepreneurs in our country. Using modern technologies, we plan to provide the market with an opportunity to facilitate the information search about companies, products and services, as well as the opportunity to build relationships between companies,” said the Head of SUE “TAJINVEST ”- Khurshed Mirzo.
   The business portal is a modern tool in the hands of entrepreneurs to increase the efficiency of their business.
    The start of the site is scheduled for the second half of June.