Overview of investment projects under implementation by the Government

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Foreign loans are an important source of development of Tajikistan’s economy. Only in the last decade the country has attracted more than $2.2 billion in the form of loans, grants and technical assistance.

More than $502.8 million was allocated and used only for development of the transport infrastructure within the framework of the Portfolio. In the next few years, it is planned to channel another $300 million for the same purpose. The use of the reconstructed highways “Dushanbe – Kurgan-Tube – Dangara – Kulyab”, Shagon – Zigar”, “Dusti – Nizhny Pyanj” have already proven their economic viability, i.e. transport expenditures have decreased, the interstate trade turnover has increased, which was very favorable for development of private sector. By the end of 2012, when the current infrastructure rehabilitation projects will be finalized, Tajikistan will have fully implemented its strategy of access to the international transport routes and markets. It is expected that the freight traffic activities with China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the countries of Asia will increase sixfold due to the growing trade turnover.

Within the framework of the Portfolio, the amount of $472.2 million was allocated for development of the energy sector. These funds were directed towards  rehabilitation of existing facilities as well as construction of new generating capacities and new power transmission lines. Tajikistan has implemented a number of big projects, such as the “South – North” power supply line with the transmitting capacity of 500 kilowatt and the 220-kilowatt “Lolazor – Khatlon” line. A number of other energy projects are at stage of completion.

It should be noted that Tajikistan has potential foreign buyers of electricity, and, the country is implementing construction projects of interstate power transmission lines. After putting the new power generating facilities into operation, in the near future, Tajikistan can become a leading exporter of energy in the region.